Experiencing Love, a zoom event with Sister Shivani

Acceptance is power, says international motivational speaker Sister Shivani.

More than 500 UAE and Arab Gulf residents spend an evening of loveful experience on the theme ‘Experiencing Love –Unconditionally and Conditionally’.

India’s internationally-acclaimed motivational speaker Sister Shivani filled the Friday evening of over 500 residents in the UAE, Qatar and Oman with inspirational thoughts on how to love unconditionally and constantly, amidst a world where people are hungry for kindness and acceptance. She led an interactive meeting through a Zoom video conference on the topic ‘Experiencing Love – Unconditionally and Constantly’, organized by the Raja Yoga Center.

Sister Shivani has been giving motivational talks and seminars to millions of people around the world through her online sessions since the pandemic, as well as through her programs at the popular Indian channel Awakening TV, and in YouTube. She delivered a seminar on the topic about happiness and harmony at the Dubai World Trade Centre in 2018 which was attended by nearly 4,000 people.

In the latest session on love, she emphasized the importance of understanding that it is the individual who creates the thought of love and it is radiated naturally through vibrations. Sister Shivani suggested to remove the blame game that others are responsible for our feelings. If we change expectations to acceptance and maintain that experience throughout the day with the help of meditation, it can lead us to detachment where we are in a state of experiencing love unconditionally.

Reiterating simple mantras such as ‘I accept people as they are’, and ‘I accept the habit of this person’, one can be free from being disturbed by someone’s habit or behavior and remain in the vibrations of love. By constantly practicing this mantra, one’s power of acceptance begins to increase, and within a few months, anyone can remain stable with any person’s habit, she added. “Love is equal to acceptance. It means that nothing that a person does can bring me down at a lower vibration.”

Sister Shivani encouraged listeners to keep checking the ‘battery’ of the mind to be always vibrating loving thoughts through Raja Yoga. She concluded the session with a unique meditation experience on the power of acceptance.

During the pandemic, Raja Yoga Center, committed to helping individuals enhance their personal and professional lives through a practical method of meditation, has witnessed a relative increase in the number of people who got interested to learn how to meditate.

It currently teaches meditation through virtual sessions but may soon open to practitioners once it has completed meeting Dubai’s requirements to operate its facilities in accordance with the precautionary measures set by health and other government authorities.

Raja Yoga Center serves various communities in Dubai through a wide range of courses, public events, workshops, seminars, retreats, and numerous other social activities. In January this year, its youth members organized the first Local Conference of Youth on Climate Change in the UAE, with the support of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, to promote the importance of positive thinking to drive sustainable living and engage the youth in climate action.

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