Our agenda is shaped by a desire to engage with, and study the processes and value systems that can make a difference to women’s lives. There are no simple recipes for women’s empowerment. It is based on the conviction that if we want to make positive change happen, we need to bring back spiritual and moral practices in everyday living and in the issues that matter.

Course Objectives

Through sharing personal experiences, workshops, lectures, and creative activities, we hope to discover what it takes to initiate and sustain positive changes that can empower them in their role as a mother, wife, sister, home-maker, social worker, administrator, teacher, doctor, etc.

Being a mother, daughter, sister, friend, wife & for those who are working, a responsible employee, all at once! As a woman, it is very easy to get immersed in life’s numerous roles. Learn to de-stress and relax with the gentle art of meditation. Rediscover different techniques and tools for Self-esteem, Time-Management and Self Empowerment.

Upcoming Sessions

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