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The Mothers of Giving

Raja Yoga Center celebrates women in partnership with the Dubai Police for Year of Giving initiative. Dubai Police’s ‘Mother of Ambulance’ and UAE’s...

Raja Yoga Meditation
Constant Success

To have the balance of being a master and a child is to experience constant success. Just Think: To have the right balance means to...

Raja Yoga Meditation

Forgiveness means to forget the mistakes of others. Just Think: The one who is able to forgive is able to forget the mistakes in his...

Raja Yoga Meditation

To be elevated is to perform every task with understanding. Just Think: To understand means to know what to do. So the one who understands...

Raja Yoga Meditation
How to progress?

The best way to progress is to gain good wishes and blessings from others. Just Think: For the one who earns the blessings of others...

Raja Yoga Meditation
How to get success?

Success comes through maintaining self-respect. Just Think: Where there is self-respect, there is naturally a stable state of mind, even in the most challenging and...

Raja Yoga Meditation
The power of cooperation

The power of cooperation enables the most difficult task to be successfully done. Just Think: To have the power of cooperation means to have the...

Raja Yoga Meditation
Do I have true knowledge?

True knowledge brings humility. Just Think: True knowledge inspires and encourages one to bring about a practical change in one's life. The one with knowledge...